Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my native tounge.

Lately I've been realizing how futile the language I speak is. English, obviously, describes things in a manner that seems to literal for me, there are no metaphors through words. Of course we can create metaphors and irony and sarcasm and humor through our definitions, but I feel as if the architecture for the ideas I try to portray is lost in the simplicity and concrete structure of our basic speech. I stutter. I pause, I take forever to just try and create the simplest of sentence because I feel like if I were to just talk, it would come out wrong and be taken in a way i can not stand. I don't know, Spanish is beautiful, and I feel like the flow and format of the most basic phrase is better suited for my needs.

But I don't speak Spanish, and probably never will.

one more wall.


  1. you should actually try to learn spanish then, I think English is a pretty boring and ugly language. I would like to learn French or Japanese hah

  2. english is the most dominant language around today. and they say its hard to learn so be thankfuL!

  3. I don't speak spanish either LOL

    Nice blog!!! following!!