Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I used to believe blankets could protect me from anything.
They were bulletproof. Unstoppable. they were my saviors.
I would always have to sleep with them over my head,
to gain full protection, you know, against Aliens, people standing in my doorway,
and the occasional Sea Monster. I did live in Florida, but no where near an ocean,
It was more that i couldn't deny the possibility that wherever these sea monsters may be
There is a chance that one day, soon, they will learn how to get on land.
I would need my blanket for this. of course.

12, maybe even 13 years later, i still need to sleep with the covers over my head.
Still for protection, now its different though. Now, its people looking at me, noise, and still
the occasional monster.

Now, there is a girl asleep on a mattress in my house.
Its not my bed, but a bed in the living room, its hers for the night,
 borrowing it, renting the space. She is using a sleeping bag, The best when it comes to blankets,
full body coverage, and thick, which just multiplies the levels of security. She has it wrapped
so tightly around her. i wont dare take it away from her, she is safe, she is sound.
But, now im left without a blanket to throw over my head, no security.
no safety. How am i to sleep? i mean, if i doze off, what will be there to protect me?
certainly not her, certainly not a blanket.

So now im awake, every 20-30 minutes or so ill go in there, hoping that maybe she will not want to use it.
watch her as she sleeps, every now and then she'll talk, surely to people in her dreams,
telling them how safe she is. I'll sit there until i get cold, then ill walk around the house
Smoke a cigarette, drink another beer.

yea. do that

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